The Chaw

Ivy Room Presents

The Chaw

Sons of Silver (formerly Pete RG), Low Bote

Thu · March 7, 2019

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

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This event is 21 and over

The Chaw
The Chaw
The Chaw is a four piece Psych Rock band from Oakland, CA.

The Chaw’s sound is very strong in character. Dark moody sounds, drenched in reverb, referencing soundtracks of the classic spaghetti westerns, big open bar chords and barky low register guitar leads ala Dick Dale, and psychedelic soundscapes, take you on a trip on a dusty trail through a vivid world, full of mystery, and intrigue.
Sons of Silver (formerly Pete RG)
Sons of Silver (formerly Pete RG)
The most memorable music remains the most human. It makes a connection on a physical and emotional level by displaying life’s blood, sweat and tears. It mirrors the experiences and amplifies the voices of its creators. Through real instrumentation, raw delivery and honest stories, Los Angeles quintet Sons Of Silver— Peter “Pete RG” Argyropoulos [vocals, guitar], Brina Kabler [keyboards, vocals], Adam Kury [bass], Dave Krusen [drums], and Kevin Haaland [lead guitar]—strikes a personal chord.

Under the previous name Pete RG, the group quietly attracted an impassioned fan base, worldwide. Following a pair of EPs—Lightning Strikes [2015], and Reaching for the Moon [2015]—2016’s Tender Souls album garnered critical acclaim and looks from the likes of Impose, Blank TV, and Elmore Magazine. The group toured extensively across North America playing major markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and New York. They also crossed the Atlantic, hitting London, Paris and Berlin, among others. After two years on the road, the sound evolved, as did the identity. What began as a solo artist had evolved into a band.

Sons Of Silver hinted at that new direction in the first single, “Watching the River Go By.” Out of the gate, it illuminated the group’s nimble sonic sensibility, veering from a propulsive rhythm into a massive chant. Driven by airy, ethereal guitars and stark percussion, the 2019 follow-up single, “Down,” hinges on the frontman’s gruff and gritty intonation before a hypnotic and haunting hook. “The lyrics reflect what I’m thinking. Our world’s in the middle of unsettling change. We’re at each others throats. We’re left feeling like we’re not on firm ground.”

Hummable and hard-hitting riffing snaps into a catchy chorus on “Never Enough.” He admits, “The lyrics came from some people in my life who are never satisfied. I put that into the bigger picture. There seems to be a lot of unsatisfied people right now.”

In the end, Sons of Silver make rock ‘n’ roll of the most human variety.
Low Bote
Low Bote
Low Bote crash Pacific fuzz into Atlantic brit-pop soul, careening through waves of post-punk revival. Sparse arrangements crescendo to anthemic proportions, spilling awkward, beautiful angularity everywhere. Chugging with the dance rock survivalism of bands like The Pixies, Interpol, and The Cure, Low Bote paint colorful sketches that send erratic and powerful warnings across the bow. Ahoy!
Venue Information:
Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA, 94706