BOOMFEST EASTBAY 2018 - Gunpowder, Them Creatures, The Has Beens, Plasma Alliance at Ivy Room

Absolute Music Presents BOOMFEST EASTBAY 2018

BOOMFEST EASTBAY 2018 - Gunpowder, Them Creatures, The Has Beens, Plasma Alliance at Ivy Room

Them Creatures, The Has Beens, Plasma Alliance

Thu · September 20, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

This event is 21 and over

Four Outlaws riding out from the farthest reaches of the West, coming together in a musical juggernaut of apocalyptic proportions bringing musical ecstasy, chaos and joy, and destroying all concepts of popular music that dare to cross their paths. Featuring on lead vocals and rhythm guitar Major Erik Core. He’s been called “the Mariachi from Hell”, by the East Bay Express and described by Censor This as “Bob Dylan on PCP”. On guitar and vocals is the legendary Doc Sauter, he fears no challenge and proudly rides with the Major into battle against the forces of mediocrity. Pancho Lamonte on the skins, with his solid rock-steady rhythms he drives the war beat that becomes our battle cry, leading our war wagon on to victory and freedom from generic whiny pop rock. Al Yippee Ki-Yay. on bass, and heavy lifting duties. Al’s playing can only be described as thunderous, mountainous, monstrous, a four string one man earthquake.

The coming together of these greats is something the world will be grateful for a long time to come. The time is now! This is the first, second, and third coming all in one rock and roll moment. Stop waiting and hop aboard for the wildest ride of your life. Gunpowder is what you’ve been waiting for!
Them Creatures
Them Creatures
From the ashes of various Bay Area punk bands arose horror punks Them Creatures...Opening up for acts such as The Misfits, Agent Orange, Supersuckers, Murder Junkies, Uk Subs, Anti Flag, Duane Peters..Aim to be fixtures on main stages in a town near you for years to come.
The Has Beens
The Has Beens
2 piece PUNK band from San Francisco, CA. Started in 2001. We are two broke friends that make punk for the love of punk. We've been attending and bowling in the Punk Rock Bowling Tournament since 2005.

Influences: Poison Idea, Youth Brigade, NOFX, Bad Brains, RKL, Minor Threat, Black Flag, The Adolescents, Screeching Weasel, DRI, 88 Fingers Louie, No Use For A Name, DI, etc.
Plasma Alliance
Plasma Alliance
These guys were pretty far out - and ONE OF THE BEST - as far as hardcore in the 80's goes. Here's a few facts about what you're about to get into...

They were from Kent, Ohio and lived on a punk / hippie commune. They had a communal home with no doors, and a giant fire pit outside. These guys were into wheat grass and wheat meats back before it was "part of the scene", and they were on fire politically due to Reagan Administration running shit into the ground.

Jimi Imij was the singer.
He was also in a "more famous" hardcore band called ODFX that had a cut on the "International P.E.A.C.E. comp"

Boom was the drummer.
Boom was not really a vegan/veggie dude, and used to have a "hidden cupboard" where he stashed his Snickers and Doritos. He turned down a steady gig with the Crucifucks to play with these guys. He went on to play in the previously-posted Boom & the Legion of Doom. Boom was arrested for kicking over the four memorial stones at Kent State University.

He is also - allegedly - the illegitimate son of Hustler's own Larry Flynt.

Theres a lot of other info about Plasma Alliance & the band Members Rich.G BASS/ Tommy MadAgain GUITAR / Jimi Imij VOCALS / Boom DRUMS but you have to look for it. We were before the internet HAHAHA. And still to this day don't have pages or all that inter web space junk. But there's a movie called CLEVELANDS SCREAMING . And one of the best HardCore E.P. records from 1985 to own.

Hot! A very politically motivated record that also socks you in the jaw with its music. Gruff-as-hell vocals, great thrash, and inspiring lyrics and package all add up to a winner.
-Tim Yohannan (from Maximum Rocknroll #32, January 1986)
Venue Information:
Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA, 94706