Ned and the Dirt

Ivy Room Presents

Ned and the Dirt

The Golden Hexegrams, Bearchild, Retirement

Wed · March 21, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

This event is 21 and over

Ned and the Dirt
Ned and the Dirt
"When you throw one southerner and two north-easterners into a blender and then pour them out in Los Angeles you get Ned and the Dirt's unique brand of Backyard Indie-Rock. Ned's southern roots can be found in his preacher's tongue and garage-party swagger, but it's The Dirt's northern grit that gives their music a grip on your ears. Their live performances drip with honesty (and sweat) so go get up close if you're ready to feel. But don't worry, you won't be alone. You'll be having those feelings with everyone in the crowd, and then you'll leave that night being a more enriched person because you accidentally connected with so many other people. Don't just buy it because I'm telling you this, though. Go see Ned and the Dirt for yourself." - Famous Person You Like

Ned and the Dirt has been touring for 4 years and has played with such acts as The Whigs, Franz Nikolai, The Good Old War, of Montreal, The Honorary Title, Kopecky, Black Joe Lewis and many more.
The Golden Hexegrams
The Golden Hexegrams
The Golden Hexegrams invoke the power
of Rock and Roll's roots, drawing deeply
from the influences and mind of early
rock and the British invasion, to
the mind bending connotations of early
psychedelic rock/acid the
ferocity of performance of punk rock,
combined with subtle theatrical elements,
the Golden Hexegrams are a true amalgamation
of both modern and ancient rock and roll.
Holding these elements, with a very modern
and definite performance & presentation. This
forming a bold rock and roll combination of the
stunning imagery of their lyrics, to the gigantic, driving
beats of the drums, the thundering bass, the searing
guitar, the humongous invoking the energy
that drove the true rock and roll pioneers.

The band was officially formed
on January 21st of 2014.
by Langston and Minerva Spencer.

The Golden Hexegrams, in August of 2014,
and recorded their first 12 demo
in idyllic Rio Vista California, (Sacramento Delta Area).

-Recorded first album full length album
at Tiny Telephone in SF 2015.
-First West Coast tour was in 2016...
-First US National Tour 2018

We are Influenced by mid to late 60's American, and UK Rock and Roll 60's/70's Acid Rock,
Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Early Rock and Roll, Proto Punk,
Punk Rock, Experimental Music, Classical Music, Broadway Musicals,...
Bearchild began in 2008 after Justin Williams parted ways with his previous band, Gracer (Revelation Records). With acoustic guitar and no specific aspirations, Williams had a desire to create well crafted, stripped down, melodic driven music. Deeply rooted in the Long Island sound he grew up with, Bearchild offers harmonic interpretations of the inner struggles and changes within ones' mind. After a few years of playing shows and self releasing a 3 song demo CD-R as well as a 7 song 10" EP he sought the help of Ryan Blecher (Fellow Project) on drums and began to work on his debut LP.

After the release of their debut LP “Wishing Well”, Bearchild did a slew of tours covering various parts of the north east in support of the record. Still they were a band of vagabonds, whoever was around would play. Sometimes Lou Fontana (OTMOP, Fellow Project) would play guitar or bass. Ian Bryn (Ghost N’ Bones) would play bass and sing. Jason Crawford (Superblonde, DRIFT OFF) would sub in on drums. After awhile the songs for the next record kept mounting up. This time Justin was looking for a “band” to write a record with. He didn’t want to just copy and paste what he had done with “Wishing Well”. He found Owen Antku, a bassist that had been part of the LI scene since the mid 90’s. Justin asked him to play a show, and he gladly obliged. What began as just a one off gig, blossomed into writing and recording a full fledged full length.

This time Bearchild decided to go into the studio with J. Robbins. Having been a fan of his bands and the records he’s recorded, this was a no brainer. Robbins captured what they were looking for, bringing about the solidness of a 90’s rock album with the delicacy and intricacy that has become ever forgotten on modern day recordings. HIs engineering style fits the band perfectly as soaring melodies lead to noisey guitar breaks, to delayed outros and choppy piano patterns. Thus the second full length was born, aptly named after its title track “Time Travel”.
Retirement is a band from Seattle. indie piano+sludge and dirt.
Venue Information:
Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA, 94706