The Love Dimension

Ivy Room Presents

The Love Dimension

Coywolf, The Golden Hexegrams

Sat · February 3, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

The Love Dimension
The Love Dimension
Psychedelic garage punk country surf may not be the most typical combination of genres that comprise a band; but then again, The Love Dimension is not your typical band. Formed in September 2008 around the Bay Area, their time together has been more than fruitful with at least one new release each year, their last spurt in late 2012 came after teaming up with SF label Warrior Monk Records and the London-based "Smoky Records" for the releases of "Forget the Remember" and "Not Until All Beings Are One." With gigs and festivals on both coasts under their belts, their twangy, ethereal sound's fan base is expanding rapidly, and for good reason. As their influences span the world over, The LD's sound nestles into a midway point between classically secure and radically inventive. Their aura radiates a feeling that strongly fits their name; every track has a musically adept top layer with an underlying foundation of positivity.

Each member of the quintet contributes a crucial component of their multi-faceted, über talented sound; Jimmy L. Dias boasts a wide background of band experience, citing 90s grunge and 60s psychedelia as influences. His knowledge of hypnotherapy and shamanic healing elevate his guitar and vocal skills to master levels. Celeste Obomsawin's familiarity with music is evident in her dexterity with percussion, flute, harmonica, megaphone, and vocals, as well as her wide-spanning background of performing. Her Native American heritage is apparent in the group's music, with airy, dancing vocals and gently piercing flute lines woven in amidst electric guitars and warbly keyboards. Devin Farney on synth helps bring the funk in, and his loops keep the aforementioned funk going. Sonny Pearce's wild drum fills and clean backing add the extra oomph to each LD track and maintain a well-fit consistency within the band's sound. Tommy Anderson's bass lines frame each song and pull the music together with a deep, rich baritone.

The band's newest album is a shining tribute to their development in sound. "Create and Consume" is a commentary on consumerism in society, delivered in a sweet, clean package, bursting with depth and layers of sound. "Who's To Say," the fourth track, starts off slow and somber only to explode in a firework show of electricity and wild drum backings. Exciting is the best word to describe "Foggy City" as it bursts out of the gates with crazy tight drums, upbeat bass lines and warbly synth organ effects in a track that seems more sunny than foggy. The broadness of the band's skill shines through as sitar segues into wild and grungy electric guitar leads in "Like the Feeling of the Sun," where alien-esque effects pair up with vocals in a way that just works.

With an unmatched sound, and a message well presented, predictions can only match their affirmative aura; if you're a fan of good music and positive vibes, be sure check out The Love Dimension.
Coywolf established 2015, sneaking into hearts and minds inducing introspection to a beat. Based in Oakland, channeling all the nearby dirt and filth to grow sounds to reach other future ghosts. The second album "Death Blossoms" gives listeners a psych pop punch and garage sludge all in one package.
The Golden Hexegrams
The Golden Hexegrams
The Golden Hexegrams invoke the power
of Rock and Roll's roots, drawing deeply
from the influences and mind of early
rock and the British invasion, to
the mind bending connotations of early
psychedelic rock/acid the
ferocity of performance of punk rock,
combined with subtle theatrical elements,
the Golden Hexegrams are a true amalgamation
of both modern and ancient rock and roll.
Holding these elements, with a very modern
and definite performance & presentation. This
forming a bold rock and roll combination of the
stunning imagery of their lyrics, to the gigantic, driving
beats of the drums, the thundering bass, the searing
guitar, the humongous invoking the energy
that drove the true rock and roll pioneers.

The band was officially formed
on January 21st of 2014.
by Langston and Minerva Spencer.

The Golden Hexegrams, in August of 2014,
and recorded their first 12 demo
in idyllic Rio Vista California, (Sacramento Delta Area).

-Recorded first album full length album
at Tiny Telephone in SF 2015.
-First West Coast tour was in 2016...
-First US National Tour 2018

We are Influenced by mid to late 60's American, and UK Rock and Roll 60's/70's Acid Rock,
Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Early Rock and Roll, Proto Punk,
Punk Rock, Experimental Music, Classical Music, Broadway Musicals,...
Venue Information:
Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA, 94706