A Very John Waters Trashmess!

Bonni Suval Presents

A Very John Waters Trashmess!

Hollow Eve, Dean Disaster, Nick Knave, Featuring DJ Jerry Lee ...plus more!!

Fri ยท December 22, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

Tickets at the Door.

This event is 21 and over

A Very John Waters Trashmess!
A Very John Waters Trashmess!
Free Trashy X-Mess Food! Raffle!
Hollow Eve
Hollow Eve
A producer, director, designer and performer of history and the macabre, Hollow Eve of Destruction is a post-binary drag socialist with a penchant for anarchy and a fascination with time and the human journey. Resting peacefully in the Haus of Destruction, they are always ready to find the creation in all moments of destruction. Each number allows them to cut themselves open and divine the future with both their innards and inner journey. They invoke deviant nightlife performance art, future driven pathways out of our current dark age and the destruction of societal norms we've all taken for granted that keep us from finding the light. Hollow is a visually stunning tour de force of concept, design and performance.
Nick Knave
Nick Knave
After a very successful career as a Bay Area juvenile delinquent, Nick Knave turned his eye and mind to the world of puppetry.

Learning from Master Puppeteer Basil Twist, Nick promptly forgot everything he was taught and instead makes hilariously low brow, blood splattered and lurid bits of "Puppetsploitation" theater.

Not wanting to leave the kiddies out of the fun he devotes a large amount of time to performing his all ages cabaret "Wolfie's Puppet Party" starring the ever unflappable Wolfie T. Wolfe; the only puppet wolf that has charges against him in the SFPD!

Now in Honolulu Hawaii with space at the ChinaTown Artists' Lofts Nick is creating new and exciting shows in a variety of styles and themes.

Nick Knave - Not famous...INFAMOUS. And whole lot of fun!
Venue Information:
Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA, 94706