Le Yikes Surf Club

Ivy Room Presents

Le Yikes Surf Club

Genuine Parts

Sun · August 13, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Le Yikes Surf Club
Le Yikes Surf Club
"It’s a hodgepodge of sounds with a complicated backstory, but the end result is just staggering with infectious tunes that will keep you humming for days on end. Not every song features the surf and Latino merger, but when it does, there are melodies and hooks that would make even Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago envious."- (New Noise Magazine 2014)

"Nice mix of surf sensibilities (and you thought it was just a clever name) with mid-tempo punk not out of step with early ‘80s beach punk and more modern garage rock, steeped in reverb and catchy hooks." – (Razorcake)

LYSC’s self-titled debut was released in 2012, showcasing jaunty surf reverb with an energetic edge. Tracks like “Ghost Ride the Whip” call to mind a sunset-lit beach, smoking a spliff with pals and watching the waves after a wild punk show. The band’s upcoming full-length, Apocalypsos – recorded by Philly’s Joe Reinhart (Algernon Cadwallader) – promises to expand on that feeling. - (JUMP Magazine 2013)

"With catchy riffs and screeching vocals that would make Axel Rose shit himself in fear, LE Yikes SURF CLUB sound like they’d be equally at home with hanging ten or kicking the shit out of Nazi punks." - (beer on my boat shoes)

"LE Yikes SURF CLUB play fast and incredibly catchy surf punk in short one to two minute bursts. The retro surf sound is immediately appealing, along with the great cover artwork but LE Yikes also have the songs to back this up." - (is this thing on)

"The tape, simply titled Yikes, was just released by Grizzly Records out in San Diego, California on July 17th. It comes packed with five short-but-sweet tracks of their pulsing strand of surf-punk, hereby shaping Le Yikes Surf Club as one of the most noteworthy bands currently in Philly." (Get Bent)

"LE Yikes SURF CLUB, as their name would suggest, have tinges of surf infused in what they play. That said, there’s a propinquity of danger in their music that feels like surfing after midnight, sitting on a sullen board bobbing in the swell, legs dangling in infinitely black water, hair standing on neck warning of unseen danger swimming underneath." - (theunexcused)

"They ride a wave of playing. It is moved forward by the energy created by their sound here and they have something that easily absorbs you into their world when you hear it...What cannot be denied either is that it is nearly impossible to find any fault here." - (U & I Music Magazine UK)

"Philadelphia’s Le Yikes Surf Club is a new giant amongst the surf punk realms. These guys prove, first and foremost, there’s a beach anywhere you want one to be. Flying off the handle is Le Yikes Surf Club, and riding mad swells is no problem. Shit, these guys are so good, Kelly Slater himself could be a member." - (RVA Magazine)
Genuine Parts
Genuine Parts
Finally, there is a perfect band to listen to in the garage while fixing your '72 Honda CB350. These girls are punks that not even Phil Spector could clean up. Definitely no need to clean the dirt and grease from under your fingernails.

"Formed in 2014 by four Bay Area women united by a love of rock n’ roll, motorcycles, and the open road, Genuine Parts chew up the garage sound and spit it back out with heavy riffs and blaring guitar leads. While the band cites KISS, Girlschool and The Stooges as some of their their biggest influences, their sound is uniquely their own. Fresh off the release of their first single, the band’s second EP cassette released on Southpaw Records shows the band going in a heavier direction. Stay tuned because there is a lot more to come from Genuine Parts."
Venue Information:
Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA, 94706