Garage Roundup Black Doldrums

Lori Lori Tell Me A Story and Ivy Room Presents

Garage Roundup Black Doldrums

Sat · April 22, 2017

3:00 pm (event ends at 6:00 pm)


This event is 21 and over

Black Doldrums
Black Doldrums
Black Doldrums - People's Temple
Kicking off their album with a sexy heavy-fuzz guitar that lures you in before hitting you with the pounding beat that takes you through the whole record, this girl drums/boy guitars London two piece ain’t no White stripes rip-off! Their dark sound makes a b-line straight for your nervous system and reverberates around yer skull till your brain just quits thinkin’ for the day and takes off on a fuzzed-up psyched-out holiday. Stand out tracks are the badass opener ‘Dreamcatcher’, the title track from the latest e.p. ‘Exit City Lights’ and the truly awesome and fantastically named ‘It’s a Dandy Massacre’. Only in their third year of existence, and, with an album, a single, and two e.p.’s already under their belt this band is gonna be something I can tell ya! I seriously recommend you stop whatever you’re doing right now and check ’em out! Or better yet, catch them this June at Camden Rocks Festival. Camden are gonna go crazy over these cats so make sure you can tell all those hipster-wannabe-motherfuckers that you heard ’em first! - Goat Head Radio
Lucky for u, u don't have to be in London to ch ck em out, they'll be iat the Ivy Room this Saturday 4/22. C u there!
Venue Information:
Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA, 94706