Bad Ass Saturday BASH & Marc's Birthday: Thee Earwigs (Featuring Don Bolles of Germs)  Sir Lord Von Raven, Andy Human and the Reptoids

Ivy Room Presents

Bad Ass Saturday BASH & Marc's Birthday: Thee Earwigs (Featuring Don Bolles of Germs) Sir Lord Von Raven, Andy Human and the Reptoids

DJ set by Shrimp Ripper

Sat · April 15, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

This event is 21 and over

Thee Earwigs (Featuring DON BOLLES of Germs)
Thee Earwigs (Featuring DON BOLLES of Germs)
Thee Earwigs (Alice Cooper's OG name) are a living tribute to the EARLY work of ALICE COOPER - Mainly the first 3 lps (Pretties For You, Easy Action, Love It To Death), but we also do some pre-Alice Spiders and Nazz tunes, and some stuff from Killer, School's Out, Billion Dollar Babies, and even the Muscle of Love lp. Most people are sadly unfamiliar with this stuff, but to us, that's what Alice Cooper is - not just the man, but the BAND. Proving once and for all the value of combining this great material with 40 years of hindsight, THEE EARWIGS features DON BOLLES (Germs, Fancy Space People) as ALICE COUGAR; DANNY BOY (Ladykillers, Thor, Fancy Space People) as BRUCE MICHAEL; TOM 5 (White Zombie, Sonic Medusa) as 5 BUXTON, and the insane rhythm section of CHRIS NAAB (Jet Fuel, Snowsnake Orch.) on bass and WES (Fangs On Fur, Snowsnake Orch.) on the drums. Thee Earwigs put on an ass kicking rock show with all the danger and excitement of the original, but with none of the golf or Christianity; they truly are the tribute band that forgets it's a tribute band... and so will you. ALICE COUGAR LIVES!
Sir Lord Von Raven
Sir Lord Von Raven
Every several years there come a few acts that rise out of demo tape heaps to take a piss on the masses. Sir Lord Von Raven, hailing from Oakland, California has a rock and roll stream of nuggets primed for saving true souls. Ladies, gentlemen and rock lovers that will do anything for kicks, it's time you bend your ears to the West, and welcome Sir Lord Von Raven to your sonic repertoire. This is the now scene and where it is happening.

Like Alice Cooper, an exceptional band formed around a Detroit born disconnect (Vincent Damon Furnier), Sir Lord Von Raven is positioned around the quintessential rock and roll front man and talented pop savant, Eric Von Raven (Born in El Paso, not Detroit.) The nitty-gritty rock gems of Von Raven (The Time Flys) are complimented by the unique accompaniments and skillful guitar leads of acclaimed record producer and songwriter Greg Ashley (Gris Gris, The Mirrors). Their album, recorded in Ashley's wintry warehouse studio, is a cosmic rock 'n' roll masterpiece, also starring longtime friend and producer Jay "Bronzo" Bronzini on drums. Bronzo's spirited humor and Irish whiskey help keep the studio warm and fuzzy. Last but not least in the lineup is Josh Miller (White Music) taking the bass-playing seat. His superb musicianship and even keel ship made their circle complete.
Together, these players have become Sir Lord Von Raven. Their songs grab from many of the fundamentals of rock and roll - snatching straight from R & B and Doo Wop (including a cover of Fats Domino's classic "I'm Ready"), movin' on to the psychedelic 60's, and then borrowing a bit Glam and 70's Punk. This is true rock and roll - heavy on the boogie, light on the crap.

The sound of SLVR is reminiscent of a time when pioneers like Brian Eno and Phil Manzanara collaborated with like-minded freaks and tinkered obsessively with their glamorous arrangements. Eric Von Raven's commitment to the deranged pop lyric, combined with Greg Ashley's mastery of indie riff raff studio juju, has created a timeless long player loaded with quirky, whimsical, eclectic tunes. If it is true that the end of days are near, feel comfortable knowing that Rock and Roll has still managed to ring true in this last generation. LPs Please Throw Me Back in The Ocean and Age of Machines features an all-star indie performance cast: Eric Johnson (Time Flys), Greg Ashley (Gris Gris) Chris Stroffolino (Silver Jews) Terry Six (Nice Boys), Garrett Goddard (Howlin' Rain, The Cuts) and Chris Johnson (Drunk Horse, Feral Ohms) - Be here now, for true soul rock and roll.
Andy Human & The Reptoids
Andy Human & The Reptoids
In a time where so many bands do little to tweak their influences, Andy Human & The Reptoids do what all great bands do: They take the past, hint at the future, and turn it all into the NOW. With punk energy, a new wave sense of economy, and the tap of power pop, these guys fold in Roxy Music, Devo (both the art and the pop sides), early Eno, and Pere Ubu, while making sounds that are very much their own. Raven Sings the Blues has called Andy Human's Freeze album “...a wobble of weird that makes the candy coating delightfully astringent...digesting Devo and Gary Numan through a faded VHS glam punk hangover and knocking the results crisply out of stacked speakers.”

The Reptoids are Cripe Jergensen, Beast Man, and Ra Diehl. They’ve been doing time in Drunk Horse, Sir Lord Von Raven, Girls, and LAND. Throw them in a bowl and stir them around and you’ve got a couple dozen records out of them, countless festival and SXSW appearances, and too many tours and shows to count.

Andy Human & The Reptoids are a band of cosmic assassins formed outta the muck by Andy Human. Andy Human is Andy Jordan. You know him from the Cuts, Time Flys, Buzzer, and LENZ (also Razz, Brain Glaze, and Factrix). He is one of the best Bay Area rock & roll songwriters around and an ace on guitar and keyboards.
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Ivy Room
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