The Michael Ruy Band, Nott the Hoople
Ivy Room Presents

The Michael Ruy Band, Nott the Hoople

Ages 21+
Ivy Room Presents

The Michael Ruy Band

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Near fatal misses and spiritual awakenings inform Michael’s songwriting process. Songs about faith, science, education, religion, and modern life are spun together with a narrative from a street savvy night-life survivor. Topics including songwriting, parenting, skateboarding, philosophy, and musical studies.

From CBGB'S New York City to Sweetwater in Marin, Michael has played coast-to-coast searching for the heart of what drives us, what cures us, and what inspires us to be more than ourselves.

Now based in the beautiful and grinding metropolis of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, Michael’s music is relatable to almost anyone who has ever wondered what this life is all about, especially when chasing dreams and desires while caught in the modern world.

Nott the Hoople


Nott The Hoople is a tribute band to one of the most overlooked groups of the 70s, Mott The Hoople.

Venue Information:
Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Av.
Albany, CA, 94706