Powers (Santa Cruz), Invincible Vacuum Cleaner Co, Jacob Aranda
Ivy Room Presents

Powers (Santa Cruz), Invincible Vacuum Cleaner Co, Jacob Aranda

Ages 21+
Ivy Room Presents

Powers (Santa Cruz)


Invincible Vacuum Cleaner Co

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Founded in 2017 by Cabinet Maker, Composer and Histrionic Poet Gren Coffee, Invincible Vacuum Cleaner Co took shape when Vern McElroy brought his experience and musical sparkle to a series of early recordings, whereupon a drummer was required, and a bass player to play live and, well, you know how THAT goes… Informed by a wide bandwidth (sorry) of styles and genres, from 70’s Rock to British Folk to Contemporary Classical music, IVCC now brings the driving and exhilarating drums of Genesis Fermin who could probably rip any of us in half but who chooses love and music instead. Gren’s (and increasingly, Vern’s) lyrics reflect experiences and situations that only could have been conceived in middle age, after years of weathering the intricate project of being human. Whatever may be going on in the world, we must try not to forget that we all have gifts to bring, that even our mistakes can be made into treasures, after we peel the old burger wrappers off them.

Jacob Aranda

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Jacob Aranda is a multi-instrumentalist and member of San Francisco’s legendary folk-psych band Tarnation as well as country- rock phenoms China. Originally from Illinois, he studied guitar making in Spain and moved to the bay area to be a furniture maker. He just finished his first studio album, Great Highway, recorded and produced with Kelley Stoltz and Nick Luca (Iron and Wine).

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Ivy Room
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