Celebrity Stalker, Middle-Aged Queers, Screaming Bloody Marys, Addalemon
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Celebrity Stalker, Middle-Aged Queers, Screaming Bloody Marys, Addalemon

Ages 21+
“Thrill Seeking/Patriarchy Smashing” tour kick off!

Celebrity Stalker

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Celebrity Stalker is a punk/metal crossover band from Southern California, featuring a trio of individuals from different backgrounds combining to deliver up-tempo hard-hitting songs. Influences include Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer, Pennywise, and Black Sabbath

Celebrity Stalker delivers straightforward punk/metal crossover music, featuring in your face vocals, fast and crunchy rhythm guitar, blistering guitar solos, hard hitting drums, and bass lines that add a big bottom end. Celebrity Stalker is not a political band, their songs are intended to document and be a mirror reflecting some of the issues negatively influencing American society. Such as, America’s celebrity obsession that drives a whole business of gossip magazines, gossip websites and television shows intended to invade personal privacy, America’s addiction to social media and the creation of celebrities that have no discernible talent other than self-promotion, personal grief, abuse, elitism, Xenophobia, corporate greed, and the decay of the American middle-class.

The song writing team of Larry Prosser and Jason Young has worked together since their days in high school, honing their song writing ability through years of collaborating. With the addition of Charlie Moffett’s steady timing and catchy beats Celebrity Stalker was born.

Middle-Aged Queers

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Hella queer-ass Oakland punks in the prime of our lives.

Screaming Bloody Marys

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Formed by Dave Dalton in 1989, their debut album “Get In, Get Off, Get Out” was released in 1995 on the California label, Doctor Dream Records. The band then began a busy schedule of recording, touring and media coverage while sharing stages with The Ramones, The Melvins, The Adicts, Mudhoney, Hole, Cheap Trick, L7, Supersuckers, Dead Kennedys, The Vibrators, Kiefer Sutherland, Spastik Children, The Dictators and many other notables. As is often the case, such ceaseless touring caused the Screaming Bloody Marys to self destruct and left their much anticipated second full length album to remain unreleased. S.B.M. had several singles throughout 90’s on Sympathy for the Record Industry, Wallibie Records (Japan), I-99 Records, Die Laughing Records and are featured on too many compilations to count.

They were gone, but not forgotten. In early 2015 calls came in to original member Dave Dalton inquiring about the groups’ status. Among those calling were Dick Manitoba (the Dictators) members of Rancid, booking agents and record labels, including San Francisco’s Zip Records. The Screaming Bloody Marys reformed and their first gig was supporting The Dictators at a sold-out house in San Francisco’s Slims.

Current line-up:

Dave Dalton/Rhythm guitar and vocals

Bass/ John Hansen

Lead guitar/ Danny Norwood

Drums/Greg Langston


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Addalemon was formed in the suburbs of Sacramento, California by guitarist/ vocalist Cameron Karren, bassist Steven Mitchell, and drummer Billy Mitchell. Their sound is influenced by 90s/ 00s skate punk and pop-punk acts. Their debut album, Ripe, was recorded and mixed by Mathew Spady, Alyssa d'Artenay and Andrew Heinzman at CSUMB and then mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios in Oakland California.

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