Protected Left, M Section, Ruckus
Love Fades III

Protected Left, M Section, Ruckus

Ages 21+

Protected Left

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Fast. Heavy. Melodic.

M Section

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Santa Rosa, California punkers M Section have released an album that’s worthy of your collection. The band sounds like Agression, Agnostic Front, Iron Maiden and early NOFX rolled into one clusterfuck of amazingness. The guitar leads are fucking brutal. My only real problem with such a well produced record is the track order. There’s no natural progression from track to track. This may be the fault of having such a varied arsenal of influences and sounds. Vs The Immortal Jellyfish overall is an achievement in independently produced and released punk rock. It is a true example of obtaining something tangible and of worth by DIY standards. -Chuck Livid of Tuff Gnarl



psych punk chaos

Nic formerly of MoonSick, Jackson formerly of Eat the Crow, Wet and Reckless, and Kitten Drunk, Tony formerly of the Scurves, Red Wood, and B-Ward.

Ivy Room

860 San Pablo Av

Albany, Ca. 94706

East Bay


Venue Information:
Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Av.
Albany, CA, 94706