Dot's Hoedown-The Bitter Diamonds, Caravan 222, Dear County, Collisionville
Ivy Room Presents

The Bitter Diamonds

Caravan 222, Collisionville, Dear County

Ages 21+
Dot's Sunday Hoedown Featuring The Bitter Diamonds, Caravan 222, Collisionville, Dear County

Monthly Sunday Hoedown with the best country, americana, rockabilly, folk, alt-rock bands in the bay. Good food, good beer, good music and good people.

The Bitter Diamonds

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Outlaw Country for Modern Times

The Bitter Diamonds were born when Charles Verlin finished a thermos of day old coffee in the parking lot of the Say When Casino in McDermitt, NV. Having lost the entirety of cash from his wallet, as well as the better part of the change in his ashtray, he pulled his truck onto the blacktop in search of a liquor store that would cash a payroll check.

Caravan 222

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