Monks Of Doom (Camper Van Beethoven/Counting Crows)

Ivy Room Presents

Monks Of Doom (Camper Van Beethoven/Counting Crows)

Sun · October 7, 2018

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

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Monks Of Doom (Camper Van Beethoven/Counting Crows)
Monks Of Doom (Camper Van Beethoven/Counting Crows)
From their humble beginnings as a surrealist spin-off “Imaginary Band”, through their hard working days as veteran DIY road warriors, on to their arrested state of suspended animation and later re-birth, Monks of Doom remain one of the classiest, heaviest and most strangely unclassifiable bands to emerge from the late 1980s independent music scene. When the band put themselves on ice in 1993, they left behind five virtuosic, rocking albums that somehow fused post-punk sensibilities with prog rock decadence and folk tradition elegance. Monks of Doom were formed in 1986 by four members of the ever-popular college/indie rock band Camper Van Beethoven: bassist extraordinaire Victor Krummenacher, guitarists Greg Lisher and Chris Molla and drummer Chris Pedersen. Molla soon left, and was replaced by radical musician David Immerglück (then of Bay Area favorites The Ophelias, soon to join the ranks of Camper Van Beethoven as well, and now a member of Counting Crows).The Monks represented a casual opportunity to go beyond Camper’s brand of folk-rock and Sixties pop and into the type of diverse experimental music played by kindred spirits Henry Cow, Snakefinger, King Crimson, Richard Thompson, Fred Frith and a host of other iconoclasts; artists who commanded as fierce and loyal a cult following as the Monks later would. “We were interested in doing slightly more outside music,” Krummenacher said in a phone interview, “music that had heavier and more progressive tendencies. It was an outside expansion, a chance to go wherever our imagination took us.”

Despite the passage of time, and commitments to so many other projects calling each member, this fascinating ensemble just keeps on running on its own clock and of its own accord. “We seem to have matured, but we certainly haven’t been tamed!” says Immerglück with distinct pride. “I couldn’t be happier with the album,” echoes Krummenacher. “It took a hell of a long time to finish, but I think it’s straight out of the Monk’s handbook. This band functions naturally as a cooperative. It takes a long arc to get anything done, but there’s nothing else I’ve ever done that is so singular in it’s identity. That’s the cost and the payoff at the same time.”

A new record by the Monks of Doom is certainly cause for celebration! The “Imaginary Band” continues to titillate, or, to quote a Monks lyric, “The creature walks among us…” Indeed!!
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Ivy Room
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