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Perhapsy, Curling (Record Release), Small Crimes

Sat · August 18, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

This event is 21 and over

Wander (Oakland, CA)
Perhapsy is the solo project of musician/graphic-artist Derek Barber, guitarist and songwriter of Bay Area-based groups Curls (Christopher Owens of Girls), Astronauts, etc., Bells Atlas, and Madeline Kenney.

Although he's lived in California for several years, Perhapsy's Derek Barber is a midwesterner at heart. Beneath the layered, post-rock guitar textures and driving drum beats on The, Perhapsy's latest EP, lays a sweetness and sincerity that belies Barber's Mansfield, Ohio origins. The music on this EP is nostalgic, not in the regressive, unimaginative sense of cultural nostalgia — plundering the stylistic tendencies of the past — but in the more personal sense: a genuine, aching looking back into one’s own past experiences and emotions. This nostalgia, derived from the lyrics and Barber's soft vocals, lays under a bed of shimmering guitars.

Aside from his work as the frontman for Perhapsy, Barber is rightfully acclaimed for his guitar playing with Madeline Kenney, Bells Atlas, and Astronauts, etc. As such, the guitars on The are the EP's most distinctive feature. They chime on the spirited “Baptism '89”; rise and fall over a pulsing bed of bass and drum machine claps on the lush, foggy “Forward/Back”; pierce through the haze of “Where Is Your Home?”; ring on “O, Su Yung”, a driving, post-punk ghost story; and swell and roar on the cover of Grouper's “Heavy Water (I'd Rather Be Sleeping)”. The lyrics on the chorus of this last tune sum up the overall affect of the EP: “Oh dreams I'm moving through heavy water / The love is enormous / It's lifting me up / I'd rather be sleeping / I'd rather fall into tidal waves / Right where the deepest currents flow.” In Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud writes of the “oceanic feeling”: a primitive sensation of oneness with the universe. With its midwestern sweetness and its varied, fuzzy guitar textures, The evokes this same feeling.

- Chris Alarie

Active since his college years as a Jazz Studies major at the University of Michigan, Perhapsy has been the main creative outlet for Barber besides playing in various other bands (Astronauts, etc., In Watermelon Sugar, Chyristian Rawk, Anna Ash, and The Winston Jazz Routine to name a few).

What once began as an instrumental rock outfit (self-titled album released by KC-based The Record Machine, 2010) has translated into an experimental pop singer-songwriter project characterized by trance-like guitar loops, live sonic improvisation, and understated vocals.

While continually contributing to Curls, Astronauts, etc. and Bells Atlas, Barber released his sophomore album Me Tie Dough-ty Walker in March 2016 and released a follow-up EP entitled THE in March 2017.

Barber is currently finishing his third full length album to be released in 2018.
Curling (Record Release)
Curling (Record Release)
Record release for Berkeley-based group.

Curling's newest LP was made with some help from Oakland's Madeline Kenney's label, Copper Mouth Records.

"Our newest album is a melting pot of everything we love: Beatlesque harmonies, swirling shoegaze haze, chiming and gnashing guitars, and a focus on great songwriting."

"Definitely Band" was recorded straight to 2" tape over the course of two years. We took a different approach with every track on the album, always striving to use new sounds and push ourselves into fresh sonic territory.

Cassette release via Copper Mouth Records.
Vinyl release via Making New Enemies.
releases August 3, 2018
Small Crimes
Small Crimes
Small Crimes is an experimental three-piece from Oakland, California comprised of Guy Culver (ex-Religious Girls) as samples manipulator and song visionary, Keri Mendonça as lead vocalist, and Cris Sanchez as bass guitarist. The unit weaves distorted film and television samples, piano sonatas, and Keri’s sobering and subterranean singing.

Keri and Guy began Small Crimes in 2015 when they met at a mutual friend’s BBQ in Oakland. They quickly recognized in each other a mutual love for Björk and for creating anything murky, weird, and anything that could be potentially classified as “ugly.” So, Small Crimes was conceived, the name chosen as an empathic nod to harmless yet seedy moments of true human form.

Their working cadence is simple: Guy cuts up samples from The Twilight Zone, the Alfred Hitchcock hour, and Shelley Duval screaming in The Shining — often incorporating trip-hop or sometimes footwork beats — and Keri sends back long howling, growling vocal experiments, both slowly building on the other’s vision. Vocals in Guy’s samples are often distorted into Anonymous recognition. Neither shy away from creating harmony within unsettling compositions.

Their sound burrows deep into the irrationality of feeling safer in illegal spaces. They strive for a scenic rush of actions that can only exist outside of polite society: women who spit, cigarettes smoked indoors, subway turnstiles jumped. Yet lyrically they caution against the spiral sucking nature of addiction, whether chemically-induced or selfie craving sabotage. This tension of exploring the lengths someone will go to find “home” in commonly uncomfortable scenarios is what makes Small Crimes so disarmingly relatable.

After a few years of honing their sound and playing Bay Area shows, Guy and Keri released Small Crimes’ first EP, Demons, in 2017. Cris then joined the duo as bass guitarist to provide more depth to their live performances.
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